Utilizing emerging technologies to engage with the new digital economy

Trovio helps traditional businesses build and deploy next-gen commodities products, uncovering new opportunities and markets with confidence.

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Trovio Product Ecosystem

Our modular service offerings combine to form a complimentary suite of products that enable our partners to engage with an evolving digital commodities environment.

Explore what’s possible for your business through improved trading infrastructure, new and emerging capital markets and geographies, supply chain provenance, as well as enhanced product development.

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Trovio product network

Digitalize your physical products

Trovio Bridge

Explore new marketplaces and opportunities with your digital products

Trovio Expand

Develop and manage new markets for your products

Trovio Markets

Leverage new ecosystems to deploy new commercial opportunities

Trovio Green

Trovio Success

 Leading the way in the development of new technologies

Digicash, 1990s

First digital currency

Radiata, sold to Oracle, 2000

Early development of WiFi

SMARTS, sold to Nasdaq, 2010

Global leader of electronic market surveillance systems

Chi-X, 2011

Launch of Australia’s second largest public exchange

PMGT, 2019

World’s first government guaranteed public blockchain token

GoldZero 2021

World’s first carbon neutral commodity ETF

Our uniquely experienced team has led the way in developing and implementing new frontier technologies since the early days of the internet, proving consistently to be a reliable navigator of emergent commercial trends. We continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology-driven innovation.

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