Trovio is focussed on modernising physical assets and propelling them into a digital future.

Our vision is for asset trading to be immediate, auditable and secure in any market, providing direct ownership for all participants.

Trovio was formerly known as InfiniGold. Our new website is still under construction.

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Our proprietary technology is designed to revolutionize access to traditional asset markets, creating clear and efficient paths between buyers and sellers and unlocking the value caught in legacy systems.


CommoditiesPass is a proven, market leading technology, enabling streamlined access to borderless, digital markets and allowing clients to interact directly and securely with their customers.

Asset Tokenization

Trovio was the world’s first company to tokenize an asset with a government guarantee. We developed a gateway to enable products to move seamlessly on and off the blockchain, enabling title to move effortlessly between market participants.

Digital Market Making

The blockchain provides boundless opportunities for growth in distribution. However like all marketplaces, it requires the right partnerships to ensure consistent liquidity and transparency to develop successful long-term markets. Trovio, through its exclusive partnership with Digital Exchange Technologies, provides 24 hour, seven days a week digital asset liquidity for its partner’s tokenized assets, ensuring stability in pricing and liquidity for users.

Active on leading exchanges such as:

Independent Reserve
Bittrex Global
Value-added products

A digital commodities investment platform, with investable products designed to meet the needs of modern investors. Recognising the importance of the Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) in their investment decision. With a carbon neutral footprint, all products offered via our platform are designed to improve our planet.

Example of our technology live with a partner

Our partners


Established in 2017, Trovio provides our partners with access to previously unattainable markets, removing the middleman in commodity transactions and allowing our clients to be at the forefront of the technology driven evolution of distribution channels.

A business built within the Rozetta Institute, with a team of experienced and proven technologists, entrepreneurs and commodity specialists, Trovio is not a concept but a proven technology solution for the commodities industry.