A digital on-ramp for the physical commodities industry, TrovioBRIDGE provides an infinitely fractionable, cryptographically secured digital registry system that eliminates clearing, settlement and operational risks. The front end is completely customizable for our partners, while the back-end is interoperable with other registry solutions.

Access digital marketplaces

While maintaining native branding and data ownership, use TrovioBRIDGE to engage with clients directly and deliver digital assets to them through a mobile application, or browser-based web wallet. Additionally integrate directly with B2B platforms, via our API, allowing streaming of pricing and liquidity to some of the largest retail and institutional marketplaces globally.

Manage Digital Assets

TrovioBRIDGE seamlessly integrates digital products with existing Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), inventory and risk management systems, and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes.

Multi Asset Registry

TrovioBRIDGE creates an instance of an infinitely fractionable, cryptographically secure, multiple asset registry for partners. Designed and deployed to enable an environment for the title of physical commodities to be transferred in a secure and instantaneous manner. With the ability to include unique supply chain data for every transaction, with interoperability across registries, TrovioBRIDGE provides a permanent record of title for multiple assets.

How TrovioBRIDGE works

Entering the digital landscape with TrovioBRIDGE

Delivered as a Platform-as-a-Serivce (PaaS) solution to our clients, Trovio’s multi-asset digital registry solution integrates with trading services, banking rails, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) providers, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and redemption processes to provide a platform for partners for the rapidly emerging digital economy.

The B2C user-interface (App or WebWallet) is fully customisable and our architecture  to facilitate creating next-gen products for our partners, under their own terms and conditions, and branding, Trovio works in a collaborative fashion to deliver a best-in-class solution for all our customers. 

TrovioBridge API connectivity empowers our partners to expand their business footprint via further integrations into B2B systems and marketplaces, providing further disintermediation of existing middlelayers in the commodities ecosystem.

TrovioBRIDGE in market

Frequently asked questions

TrovioBRIDGE has been operational in the market since Oct 2018. The Perth Mint, the world’s largest refiner of newly mined gold, was our first partner and they have used our BRIDGE platform to launch GoldPass — a natively branded platform enabling direct to customer sales of digital certificates for a range of commodity products.

Our platform is asset-agnostic with the potential to digitize any asset. Trovio’s expertise lies in the commodity industry and where we have built  an advanced digital ecosystem, disintermediating a lot of the commodities industry’s middle layer of service providers. Trovio is currently a world leader in digitisation of metals and we are expanding our partnerships in other commodities such as carbon. 

PaaS provides cloud-based technology infrastructure on a licensing model. PaaS allows minimisation of costs by eliminating software licenses, technology maintenance and upgrade costs. TrovioBRIDGE is powered by Trovio as a PaaS offering with the entire technological infrastructure built, customised, managed and continually updated by experts at Trovio.

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