TrovioGREEN is about the generational shift in consumer choice, giving our partners the ability to offer their products, designed and delivered to meet changing standards. By understanding the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of where and how physical commodities are sourced and taken to market, Trovio delivers technological solutions that enable our partners to definitively track, and immutable store, this critical data.

Carbon Neutral Exchange Traded Funds

Trovio has partnered with the world’s leading voluntary carbon credit market, Xpansiv CBL Markets to deliver the world’s first carbon neutral gold ETF on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Working with Pangolin to ensure the federal government’s Climate Active certification, Trovio is enabling a number of its key partners to deliver a new solution for a changing investment landscape in the gold industry.

GoldZero, issued by Perpetual, will be launching on the 1st of July, 2021 on the ASX.

Carbon Neutral Products

Our carbon neutral metal digital certificate program enables third party venues to offer their clients instantaneous access to precious and base metals that are carbon neutral. Leveraging our proprietary technology we have eliminated clearing, settlement and operational risks enabling our partners to provide next generation products to their end users with 24/7 liquidity.

Carbon & Tokenization

With a number of other carbon token projects already underway, we are continuing to work with our partners to provide innovative solutions that tokenization enables, to grow the ecosystem of carbon and environmental products, while also encouraging a better approach to environmental management.

How TrovioGREEN works

Looking Forward

The investment decisions we make today will dictate how our world looks in the future. How we allocate capital will drive the economic incentives that either encourage or discourage the required carbon capture to reduce our footprint on this earth. Technology is enabling the real time calculation of this critical data to enable the commodities to correctly reflect their impact on our environment. Emerging products are now allowing investors to allocate capital to a range of carbon neutral assets, which can be as easily traded as their traditional counterparts. Trovio is continuing to innovate in this space. De-commoditizing commodities, and allowing investors and other market participants to invest or consume raw materials that contain the required offsets that reflect their impact from extraction through to consumption on the world. Leveraging our technology we are delivering next-gen products that we believe will deliver a small step, but an important one, towards a greener world.

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Frequently asked questions

It is well documented the impact that the human species is having on the world. Carbon neutrality is about providing the equivalent carbon offsets to ‘neutralise’ the impact a certain product of commodity has on the environment. Carbon credits provide the economic incentive for projects to come on line that heal our environment rather than destroy it.

TrovioGREEN enables our partners to collaborate on carbon neutral products and we are currently in the process of launching the world’s first carbon neutral gold ETF on the ASX. We also have in the works a number of carbon neutral metal products that will be streamed via our API to third party venues leveraging our TrovioBRIDGE infrastructure.

ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance while carbon neutral refers to something that has paid to have its carbon output neutralised by natural assets. Trovio is currently working on an innovative solution on supply chain provenance enabling a unique identifier of the ESG score of commodities as they are extracted from the ground. By providing investors, lenders and traders the choice we can further incentivise the right practises and offsets to be applied to the commodities industry.

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