In today’s global interconnected markets, investors demand instant and deep liquidity. Trovio enables liquidity on third party venues leveraging our proprietary market-making solution that enables a consistent, dependable and deep market for our partners. Liquidity enables the success of tokenized assets, as more and more emerging participants begin to recognise the value of title transfer leveraging smart contracts solutions on public and private blockchains.

TrovioMARKETS also provides liquidity on traditional venues, enabling our partners to connect directly to these marketplaces and reattribute value back to their business.

Dedicated Market Making Service

TrovioMARKETS integrates with our partners’ existing price feed mechanisms to deliver a streaming and consistent two-way price for their tokenized assets as well as on traditional venues. TrovioMARKETS leverages Trovio’s deep expertise in managing risk, liquidity and pricing to ensure investors can always access the markets in the most efficient manner.

24/7 Liquidity

Trovio ensures liquidity is maintained on third party venues 24/7. With deep expertise in commodities markets, we ensure our TrovioMARKETS services continue to provide consistent liquidity on all of our partners’ assets.


Trovio provides 24/7 support for its market making solution. With dedicated experienced operators, TrovioMARKETS ensures that all of our partners are able to continually and effortlessly provide liquidity on commodity markets critical to their business.

TrovioMARKETS in market

Frequently asked questions

TrovioMARKETS is designed to support a wide variety of commodity products. It integrates seamlessly with Trovio’s other product offerings such as TrovioBRIDGE and TrovioEXPAND to support the underlying physical asset and enable success of the products. 

TrovioMARKETS is currently providing pricing on Bittrex Global and Independent Reserve across multiple products and pairs. TrovioMARKETS is also working on providing pricing on the Australian Stock Exchange for the GoldZero ETF.

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