Working with our partners to shape the future digital economy

Our Technology & Advisory Approach

Our modular service offerings combine to form a complimentary suite of products that enable our partners to engage with an evolving digital commodities environment.

Explore what’s possible for your business through improved trading infrastructure, new and emerging capital markets and geographies, supply chain provenance, as well as enhanced product development.


    Our Advisory Services

    Trovio is distinguished in its ability to apply a practitioner’s context to identifying the opportunities that arise from the implementation of emerging technologies.

    Trovios advisory services help partners navigate the commercial landscape of tomorrow by utilising a unique combination of deep capital, and digital asset market understanding, and leading-edge technological capabilities.

    • Actively involved in deal structuring and origination in the blockchain industry since 2017
    • Extensive experience in capital raising and deal structuring for asset backed tokens, ICOs and security tokens
    • Legal services specialising in working with leading blockchain protocols and projects across NFTs, renewable power, and fractionalized real estate
    • Supporting capital raise efforts through a deep knowledge of traditional captial markets and extensive previous track record of success.

    Our Technology Product Ecosystem

    Trovio’s modular suite of specialised product offerings for the commodities industry, provides our partners with an on-ramp to an increasing number of digital marketplaces. Leverage our industry knowledge to support engagement with a rapidly evolving landscape in the digital economy, and futureproof your business by digitizing, tokenizing and adapting to rapidly developing ESG requirements of the new economy.


      A digital on-ramp for the physical commodities industry, TrovioBRIDGE provides an infinitely fractionable, cryptographically secured digital registry system that eliminates clearing, settlement and operational risks. The front end is completely customizable for our partners, while the back-end is interoperable with other registry solutions.


      Be at the forefront of a new wave in commodities that will reshape how business is conducted through improved trading, custody and transactional infrastructure using blockchain technology. TrovioEXPAND gives partners the ability to build and deploy tokenized assets to a vast number of new and emerging environments, greatly improving access to trading markets, capital solutions and next-gen products while also enabling immutable supply chain provenance.


      TrovioGREEN is our solution to a generational shift in consumer choice, giving our partners the ability to offer their products, designed and delivered to meet changing standards. By understanding the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of where and how physical commodities are sourced and taken to market, Trovio delivers technological solutions that enable our partners to definitively track, and immutable store, this critical data.


      In today’s global interconnected markets, investors demand instant and deep liquidity. Trovio enables liquidity on third party venues leveraging our proprietary market-making solution that enables a consistent, dependable and deep market for our partners. Liquidity enables the success of tokenized assets, as more and more emerging participants begin to recognise the value of title transfer leveraging smart contracts solutions on public and private blockchains.